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Paul Ducco is a graphic designer and creative in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in logo/identity design and broadcast motion graphics & animation

Multidisciplinary design and creative strategy for

Paul Ducco is an award winning graphic designer practicing in Melbourne Australia, with a focus on great ideas - without the overhead of working with a large (often impersonal) design studio. Working directly with clients and teams who are passionate about what they do and clear about what they want to say always results in being able to offer creative input on how best to communicate. It's not just about making a nice looking poster, website or brouchure. It's about creative business communication, strategy and ideas. Valuing innovation in business is what allows companies, products and people to succeed, I want to work with those people.

While the design studio is currently in its early stages, taking the set up slowly, being able to give projects and client relationships the design and creative attention they deserve. visit this page

Paul Ducco, is a multidisciplinary designer and creative partner in Melbourne, Australia.

Graphic Design Melbourne

Successful communication starts with a good idea. As a multidisciplinary designer/studio the focus is on devloping creative communication and experiences for brands, products and messages across a range of delivery mediums including; time-based (motion graphics & animation,) brand and identity (logo design,) product design and visualisation, tactile media and objects, wayfinding and signage design, and interactive media (web design and interactive experiences.)

Creating meaningful design and communication for a range of clients and industries, both locally and internationally. When it comes to design, I do lots of different things ... at any given time I'm more than likely working on a number of creative design projects for television (broadcast motion graphics design & animation), creative GRAPHIC DESIGN (graphic design), identity creation (logo design), creative user experience design and multimedia design, brand design and a lot of other stuff to keep things interesting. I love learning new things.
Good visual design - regardless of medium - makes a world of difference. Presenting a social ideal, helping a business communicate with clients, motivating people to support an organization, or allowing people to find their way around - good design establishes a meaningful connection.

Communication Design

Communicating your business' brand, image, role and message - in an engaging way - is cruical to connecting with your audience/consumers.
People respond to good ideas.

Creative Partnership

As a creative and a designer I love learning and discovering new things, details, places, people, facts, figures, puzzles, colours, everything about the world.
Taking the time to understand what makes your business, product and market tick, allows us th eknowledge to properly explore the visual possibilities unique to your business. If it's important to your business it's important to us.

Seeing the big picture -

Graphic Design

- creative graphic design and visual solutions for print based media, magazines, stationery, letterheads, business cards, logos, annual reports, financial reports, corporate literature and presentation collateral.

Logo Designe

- award winning identity design across a diverse range of projects including corporate identity design, logo design, brand design and development.

Animation/Motion Graphics

- offering creative graphic design for time and screen based media, including animation, television graphics, motion graphics, broadcast titles animations and post production.

Multimedia Design

- creative multimedia design for interactive and screen based media, ecommerce solutions, customised Content Managements Systems (CMS), online and offline interactive experiences, DVD production, DVD design, creative interaction. Interactive Design experiences focussing on usability, intuitive interaction and rewarding entertainment.

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