Graphic Designer/Visual Designer - Paul Ducco - based in Melbourne, Australia. Creative and interesting communication for brands, products, messages and experiences across a range of delivery mediums. Including logo design, brochure design and layout, brand design, corporate identity, wayfinding(signage design), GRAPHIC DESIGN, business cards and letterheads.

Graphic Design Melbourne, Australia.

We create meaningful graphic design solutions for a range of clients and industries (in Melbourne, Australia and internationally) - with a focus on experimentation and unique outcomes. When it comes to graphic design, we do lots of different things ... at any given time we are working on a number of creative graphic design projects for television (broadcast motion graphics & animation), print (graphic design), identity (logo design), interactive design and development, brand development - and a lot of other stuff to keep things interesting. we love learning new things.
Good graphic design - regardless of medium - makes a world of difference. Presenting a social ideal, helping a business communicate with clients, motivating people to support an organization, or allowing people to find their way around - good graphic design establishes a meaningful connection.

Graphic Design Melbourne

Clear communication of the image, role and style of your business' brand, message, experience, product or service is key for success in the modern world. we take the time to explore what makes your business tick, which allows us to design and explore a unique and effective visual outcome and delivery appropriate for your business.

Graphic Design Melbourne

- award winning identity design across a diverse range of projects including corporate identity design, logo design, brand design and development.

Animation/Motion Graphics

- offering creative graphic design for time and screen based media, including animation, television graphics, motion graphics, broadcast titles animations and post production.

Multimedia Design

- creative visual design for interactive, screen based media.

Graphic Design, Melbourne, Australia, GRAPHIC DESIGN, motion graphics, broadcast animation, logo design, branding, corporate identity, design, international, studio, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Victoria

Design Association Australia
Identity and collateral: Clare Greig - Osteopath Melbourne

Graphic Design, Print Design & Visual/Tactile media

LOTE Film Festival - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Student Film Festival 2008 - Loddon Mallee Region

Concept and design for promotional materials - posters and event collateral (signage, flyers, certificates, tickets etc.)
The LOTE Film Festival - in its first year - needed to grab the attention of busy middle/secondary students interested in film making and languages other than English - so the message had to be clear.
Wanting to steer clear of cliched, youth oriented stylistic approaches (think "street style") and with a limited budget for photography, a collage approach was developed using imagery of this year's festival theme - water. The collage was arranged in such a way that from a distance the combined water-realted imagery could create the illusion of a film reel.
The overall visual language is also flexible and strong enough to adapt to each year's festival and changing theme while maintaining and reinforcing the idea of a film festival and the world.

Greenbits - Landscape Architecture and Design

Greenbits - Lanscape Architecture and Design

Boxing Clever Pictures

Student Film Festival 2008 - Loddon Mallee Region

Visual identity and customised typography design for cinematography/film production company - Boxing Clever Pictures.

Windana - Drug and Alcohol Recovery


A series of illustration created for Windana - a drug and alcohol recovery organisation.

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